Our Spa Body Wrap   Is A One Of A Kind Experience That Serves to Produce Adequate Inch Loss,To You, The Client, While YouTotally Relax in our Spa Capsule. This Amazing Wrap Experience Will Allow You To See Immediate Benefits That Will Achieive The Following Key Benefactors: 

        Facilitate Natural Skin Cleansing  * Redefine the Silhouette  *  Refine Skin Texture  *  Improve Skin Suppleness

Our Body Wrap System Combines the Finest Natural Ingredients From Northern Europe with the Egyptian art of pressure wrapping to tighten, contour, and deeply cleanse the body.  Products used are specially formulated with amino nutrients, the building blocks of protein.  Used in conjunction with natural sea clays, the Body Wrap  System compresses, nourishes, and rejuvenates the skin. 

The Benefits and Key Ingredeitns Of Our Body Wrap System Compares To Other Systems Above and Beyond Expecations.  Our Products Contain The Following Key Ingredients and extend the Following Benefis to Each Client:

                                                                 KEY INGREDIENTS and BENEFITS 

                                                                  *Kaolin - Smoothes and Tightens
                                                                  *Bee Pollen Extract - Revitalizing
                                                                  *Seaweed Extract - Moisturizing
                                                                  *Ginseng Extract - Nourishing
                                                                  *Althea Extract - Emollient
                                                                  *Rosemary - Soothing & Calming
                                                                  *Witch Hazel Extract - Helps Contour & Tone
                                                                  *Ivy Extract - Deeply Cleansing
                                                                  *Aloe Juice - Soothing
                                                                  *Sage Extract - Moisturizing
                                                                  *Thyme Extract - Replenishing
                                                                  *Alantin - Calming
                                                                  *Sweet Almond Oil - Emollient
                                                                  *Grapeseed Oil - Invigorating
                                                                  *Lemon Essential Oils - Encourages Elimination 
                                                                  *Orange Essential Oil - Aids in Detoxification 
  Our SPA/BODYWRAP MACHINE,   best described as a "spa within a spa", provides a wide range of wonderul services for our clients. This unique versatile spa system is a self-contained, dry heat sauna, ideal for body wraps, muds, gels or other body services. In addition to the body services that can be delivered, facial services can be performed at the same time.  Our Spa/BodyWrap Machine Incorporates six (6) powerful features that make up the aesthetic, beauty and wellness programs.  These features include convection and conduction dry sauna heat adjustable up to 180 degrees, heated, dual motorized independent vibratory back massage units, soft contour, stain resistant bed and head cushions, natural-essential oil diffusion throughout the capsule, built in stereo systems with speakers and headphones, two facial air fans to keep the client's face cooled and 12 pre-set spa programs.