With our Specialists being very educated in the arenas of cosmetology and science, we are very much concerned about the healthiness of our clients hair, scalp, and skin.  Our unique HAIR TREATMENT SERVICES are administered as needed, for specific purposes.  We have treatment specific products for clients that have scalp, problems such as psoriasis, pityriasis, seborrhic dermatitis, brittle hair, knotted hair, frizzy hair, oily hair, and more. We also specialized in treating clients with medical situations that may experience hair loss, due to to illnesses, such as lupus, or due to iv therapy treatments, such as chemotherapy.  We have private rooms to ensure our clients comfort as they receive each service necessary for their personal situations.  Our treatments are customized to each unique individuals needs, and  we specifially prescribe the product(s) needed, for each client, and offer a complete plan of action if we can. With your consultation, we will determine the amount of treatments needed, and we will determine if a  follow-up regimen if one is necessary, to ensure the long-term healthiness of the clients specific problems that were addressed.  Our regular clients with very healthy hair, can also maintain a biennual specific treatment regiminen, for preventative purposes.  This will ensure that the hair remain in a consistent healthy state, while the client receives salon services on a regular basis. We look forward to treating your specific hair, skin, and scalp needs and we reassure you that you will see results in as little as 1 visit.  If, upon consultation, is determined that due to medical reasons, we cannot administer treatment to you, we will inform you of such.