When it comes to HAIR STRAIGHTENING We have Multiple Professional Products that can be utilized, to bring Sleek, Beautiful, Straight Looks to your Overall Being.  We take pride in the fact that we do have Licensed Cosmetology Professionals who also have College Degrees, with Scientific Emphasis.  Therefore, keeping this in mind, we are able to give a more indepth analysis of the Infrastructure of the Client's Hair Strands, as well as the Clients Scalp.  Once we have obtained thorough information of external and internal hair and scalp properties, we then use our our analytic findings to properly recommend and administer the correct straightener for your specific needs.  Our staff members have been professionaly trained and educated on several different types of straighteners, to and including the following: Brazilian; Keratin; Amino Acid; Sodium, Lithium, Calcium, and Guanadine Hydroxide Systems; Ammonium Thioglycolate Systems; and many others, that are available for Licensed Professionals Use 

With such a pleathera of chemical straightening systems being at the forefront of today's ever-changing markets, We can reassure you that the straightener that will be utilized on your hair, will be specifically chosen, based solely upon the factors that are currently presented to our technician, at the time of your consultation and analysis.  If your hair and/or scalp, is not in satisfactory condition to receive any of our hair straightening services, we will discuss a plan of action regarding such findings.  During this phase of action, we will present you with a treatment plan, that will allow us to bring healing to your problematic hair and or scalp, thereby keeping a goal in mind, that will bring future performance of adminstering the proper straightening system to you.

When it comes to the demanding service of chemically straightening the hair, our goal is to bring complete satisfaction to you, the consumer.  We are well aware that there are several over-the-counter straighteners in the retail market that are available to the non-professional.  Our staff is very knowledgeable in the scientific arena of salon chemicals and their ingredients, and we are highly trained in administration of salon chemicals.  We know and understand the negative impact that can be seen throughout the client's hair and scalp when chemical straighteners are administered improperly.  Keeping these factors in mind,  we simply ask that you will schedule your consultation with us, and allow us to give you a detailed hair and scalp analysis, with the expectation of being able to properly administer the correct straightener that will benefit your specific needs.