Our experienced team members have created and conducted several SEMINARS, covering a vast horizon of topics, for today's knowledge-thirsty   personnel.  These include Diversity Trainings, Empowerment Sessions, as well as Health Related Presentations.  Our Empowering Cosmetology Seminars have been presented to the beginning cosmetologist in school, as well as the advanced, seasoned salon professional. We have conducted seminars for our own  HandzNMoshun Corporation, for school-aged children, and are no strangers to teaching experienced, retired seniors.  We have designed and conducted seminars for various private instutions, and single tiered businesses that needed to publicly seem larger in operations than their mini-staff portrayed. If you would like to consult with us about designing seminars for your corporate or individual needs, please feel free to schedule an appointment with us, as we eagerly look forward to assisting you, by advancing your company to the level of achievement that you desire.