It has been said for years that those who have short hair desire long tresses, and those who have long tresses, desire short hair. Also, those who have fine hair want fullness, and vice versa. In today's ever changing society, we are constantly learning the demands of the various types of HAIR EXTENSIONS, and how they can enhance the overall essence of our growing clientele.  We offer Hair Extensions that can be administered on and off the scalp.  Our Staff will consult with you to determine which type of hair extension will work best for your needs, based on several basic factors.  These factors include length of time you desire to wear the extensions, shape of the clients head circumference, final style desired, budget for desired look, hair type/texture desierd, hair length desired, and other factors that will be discussed upon consultation. 

Our expert Weavologists are trained and skilled in several areas of hair extension applications, to and including hair infusion, hair sewn in, hair bonding, hair braiding, and more.  During your consultation, you will be taught the proper manner to care for the artificial hair, as well as your own hair.  The ultimate goal is to ensure that your hair will be in top-notch condition when the hair extensions are removed, thereby allowing you to be comfortable in returning back to wearing your own hair if you so desire. 

We specialize in making custom wigs for the client who desire this service.  We also are available to shape wigs that clients purchase outside of the salon, and give them the customized look that the is desired.

Please don't hesitate to schedule your consultation with us today, in regards to your hair extension, or wig making/shaping services.