It has been said that the first impression is always the lasting impression in a person's mind!  This is why we take pride in making you, the client, look as best as possible.  Our HAIR STYLING  Capabilities are Limitless, and our team of professionals are excited to give you the look that you so desire.  Our styles can do the most basic style, such as a simple roller set, to the ultimate artistic updo!  We include a wide range of styling for today's busy clients, including iron curl styles, spiral sets, hair extension styles, straw sets, artistic up-do's, finger waves, natural hair styles, children's styles, mens services, and more! Of course, the style given cannot be completed if the hair is not cut as precisely as possible.  This is why we offer the best precision haircuts that are available in today's market.  We take time to give you a very precise cut, with a thorough blending process, and a thorough check and cross check, to make sure the hair lays as chic as possible! If you're more of an overly dramatic person, we can spike it, paste it, shellac it, or just toussle it around and give it personality, and bring utmost satisfaction to your needs!