is comprised of an educated, dedicated team of Professionals. Our sole purpose is to render services that will bring Harmony and Balance, to the Overall Wellbeing of the Complex Anatomy & Physiology of each Individual Client.  Our Licensed Technicians accumulative years of  Experience surpass 50. This allows our Skilled and Expert Senior Staff, to offer Mentorship to our Junior Staff of Professionals.  

At HandzNMoshun, we take pride in the fact that our enriched pleathera of  Licensures specialize in the areas of Cosmetology, Aesthetician, and Cosmetology Instructor.  We have several College Graduates on Staff, with Degrees and Certificates, to and including Bachelors of Cosmetology; Associates in Science/Math & Science; Secondary College Certificate of Specialization in Word Processing; as well as several Advanced Training Certificates in Various Arenas of Each Expert Staff Members Field of Specialty.  

Because of these key factors in place at HandzNMoshun,  we are able to bring you the ultimate, overall salon satisfaction that you deserve.  In addition to utilizing our GIFTED HANDz to render services to you, we also use our GIFTED MINDz, by offering very indepth, client specific, scientific analyses, of problematic hair, scalp and skin situations. Therefore, we are able to customize each service and treatment rendered, and promote professional products chosen, for each individual clients specific needs!

The ultimate goal of our Friendly Staff, is to utilize Our God-Given Talent,  to Create Continual Positive Experiences For Each and Everyone of You! Please feel free to contact us and reserve your appointment today, as we eagerly look forward to servicing your overall cosmetology needs!