In today's society, with the many different looks of  CHEMICAL RESHAPING/PERMANENT WAVES, there are several different outcomes that the our clients seek.  Proper consultation and analysis of the client's hair and scalp will be given, prior to performing any chemical reshaping servvice. If it is observed that the hair is not strong enough to receive the desired reshaping perm that we suggest, we will then prescribe a plan of action for you, that will allow us to reconstruct the hair, and/or replenish the scalp. Once this has been achieved, we can then safely administer the proper chemical reshaping product to your hair, and turn those locks of hair into the transformed look that you desire.  Now, clients want various curly/wavy styles, including tightly coiled curls, corkscrew locks of curls, basic spiral curls, large body waves, soft relaxed waves, and more.  Some clients that have tighly coiled,  frizzy curls, want manageability and softness, thereby transforming their coiled looks into softer, larger locks of bold, movable waves.  Our highly trained and skilled staff can consult with you, and offer you the type of curl pattern that you desire, utilizing different professional chemical reshaping products that will add as much curl or body as you desire.